The Winter Covid Booster

Atagi Advice on the Winter Booster

The Winter Booster will be available (for eligible patients) with the seasonal Flu Vaccine

ATAGI has recommended an additional COVID-19 winter booster dose for those at higher risk of serious illness.
From April 2022, you’ll be eligible for an additional winter COVID-19 booster vaccine (second booster dose) if you are:
• Aged 65 years or over
• An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person aged 50 years and over
• A resident of an aged care or disability care facility
• Aged 16 years and over and severely immunocompromised (for this group the winter booster
dose will be the fifth COVID-19 vaccine dose (three primary doses, first booster and winter booster)
Please call 65431222 to book your Winter Booster.
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