Newsletter – April – May 2022

Impact on Children with Family Break-ups

It is estimated that 40% of marriages will end in divorce or separation. in many instances, there are children involved, and the impact on them is significant.


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This is a burning pain in the chest or upper abdomen caused by acid "leaking" from the stomach into the oesophagus.


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Flu Vaccination

With all the focus on Covid 19 Vaccination, including boosters, which many will have had by the end of March, it may be easy to forget that flu season will be with us soon.


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Otitis Media

The human ear has three parts (outer,middle, and inner ear). All three can get infected. Otitis media is an ear infection of the middle ear.


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Dealing with Depression

Depression is common, affecting as many as one in five Australians. For some, it can be an  ongoing condition with ups and downs. For others, there may be only one isolated episode.


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