Brook Medical Centre Doctors provide comprehensive General Practice Care, including emergency treatment, Obstetric Care and Surgical Services.

Check out Our Doctors and Staff page for details of additional qualifications and interests specific Doctors have.

Our Doctors also provide Medical, Emergency and Surgical  at Muswellbrook District Hospital 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Emergency care is provided both at the Brook Medical Centre and at Muswellbrook Hospital by our Doctors.

We can offer same day appointments for acute care.

Suturing and wound care are performed on site in the minor ops room.

Blood can be collected with urgent investigations able to be done at the premises, with results within an hour in some situations

X-ray, CTs and ultrasounds are available in our rooms with facility for some urgent same day appointments where indicated.

Admission to Hospital

Admission to hospital can be arranged if required and your GP will generally continue care whilst you are in hospital.

Surgical consultations

Surgical consultations are available, by our specialist surgeons.

Immunisation clinics

Immunisation clinics are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11am - 12pm with the babies and young children being examined by our Doctors who have knowledge and interest in paediatrics, with a nurse in attendance.

No appointment is required and the appointments are bulk billed.

Children’s Health

Children’s Health - including management of asthma, allergies, behavioural problems or developmental concerns.

Diabetes care

Diabetes care is provided by your GP, with recall letters sent to ensure ongoing surveillance.

Diabetes Educator, Annabel Thurlow and Dietician, Kelly Stephenson are also available for appointments at the surgery to ensure individual advice about management, with no cost to patient for the advice from these allied health personnel.

Women’s Health

Women’s Health - including advice about contraception, and insertion of Mirena and Implanon:

  • Menopause advice and treatment
  • Pap smears are important to have regularly and we have many female doctors available if that is your preference

Men’s Health

Men’s Health - including vasectomy. General health check ups are important, for problems such as cardiovascular disease:

  • Musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries are frequent reasons for the men needing appointments

Mental Health

Mental Health - Kim Kalousek our Psychologist can be referred to by all our GPs, With Medicare rebates then available for the psychologist’s treatment.

Skin Cancer and Skin Cancer Removal

Full examinations can be performed by your regular GP or by Dr Rikard-Bell in his specific “skin appointments”.

Skin Cancer removal is performed in our fully equipped minor operative theatre at Brook Medical Centre, with a nursing sister assisting.

Surgical consultations and treatment

Surgical consultations and treatment by Dr Verma and Dr Washaya on referral from your GP. They also provide emergency care at Muswellbrook Hospital.

Surgical services include:

  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Vasectomy
  • Tubal ligation
  • Gall bladder removal
  • Appendectomy
  • Breast surgery
  • Varicose veins
  • Surgical advice
  • Dr Verma also performs Cosmetic surgery including Botox treatment

Cosmetic surgical treatment is done privately and so does not require a referral as the cost is not covered by Medicare.


  • Pre-employment
  • Professional and recreational drivers licence
  • Sport
  • School
  • Insurance
  • Industrial etc.

Travel Medicine

Advice and immunisations. We stock most vaccinations that may be required.


Electrocardiograms (ECG) are performed by our Nurses, with results immediately available. This test can be performed if required as a component of work medicals, before surgery to assess fitness or if medical conditions indicate it is required.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation care.

Care for the Elderly

Care for the Elderly by our doctors and nurses includes complete health assessments and home visits can be arranged if required.

Our doctors also care for the residents of our Nursing Home and Calvary Aged Care Facility.

Palliative Care

Assistance to approve quality of life of patients and their families.

Blood tests

Laverty has a collection centre in our building, and many urgent blood results are available within an hour. Home collection can often be arranged for the elderly or unwell.

Xrays, Ultrasounds and CT Imaging

Xrays, Ultrasounds and CT Imaging are performed in our building by Muswellbrook Diagnostic Imaging, with results available within 24 hours, with facility for urgent assessments.

Visiting Specialist

After referral from your general practitioner, you can make an appointment with any of the visiting specialists. You need to telephone them direct at their respective rooms at their practice.

A referral is required to see the below visiting specialists and may be required for Allied Health Practitioners:

  • Annabel Thurlow - Diabetes Educator
  • Kelly Stephensen - Dietician
  • Kim Kalousek - Psychologist
  • Beam Health
  • Hearing Australia

Recalls and Reminders

Our practice has a recall-reminder system for: Diabetes, Immunisation, Health Assessments, Pap Smears, Blood Tests, Skin Cancer and referrals for follow-up etc. and if you do not wish to be enrolled please let your doctor know.

Additional services

  • Interlock
  • Drug and alcohol problems

If the service you require is not listed please enquire as our doctors have no restrictions on practice and we have many senior experienced doctors with additional training and qualifications.

We will assist with any medical or surgical need you have and ensure optimal health care.