June – July 2018

Chicken Pox is not Child’s play

Caused by the varicella-zoster virus, chicken pox is a highly contagious illness. It can affect any age but is more common in children. The number of cases has declined since the addition of a vaccine against chicken pox onto the childhood immunisation schedule in the early 2000's. Fortunately most cases are mild.

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Coming to grips with osteoarthritis

As we get older our joints show wear and tear. The cartilage (lining) of the joint is affected most, though bones, ligaments and muscles can also be involved. This is known as degenerative osteoarthritis. It affects almost everyone over forty but the severity and the joints involved varies. Risk factors include age, being overweight, positive family history and injuries to joints. Knees hips, hands and the spine are the most commonly affected areas.


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Tonsillitis – say argh!

The tonsils are located half way to the back of the throat and help "trap" infections. They are particularly important for young children with less developed immune systems. Unless they become enlarged or infected, we generally don't even know they are there.


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Cold and Flu Protection

Viruses are present all year round but more people get unwell with them in winter. It could be a case of less sunshine and spending more time indoors but, whatever the reason, we can do a lot to prevent the spread. Viruses spread by airborne droplets so covering your mouth when you cough makes a big difference, as does sneezing into a hanky or tissue. AND washing hands is imperative.


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Flash burns to the eye.

Flash burns occur when a strong light burns the surface of the eye (cornea). Causes include skiing without glasses or sun lamps. Symptoms include pain and burning in the eye, watery or bloodshot eyes, blurred vision and can start up to twelve hours after exposure.


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