August – September Newsletter

Dry Eye

The eyes need constant lubrication, which is provided by the tear glands. Eyes become dry of tears for two main reasons.


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The term Telehealth has generally not been used outside medical circles. It applies to the use of technology (video or phone)to deliver medical services.


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Varicose Veins

Widened, often twisted, veins near the skin surface are called varicose veins. They are most common on lower legs.


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Relevance of Exercise in Childhood

Once upon a time, chil,dren didn't require "exercise" as a separate activity because the led active lives by walking to and from school and engaging in outdoor play rather than spending excessive time in front of screens.


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The body has several air-filled sinuses below, above, and behind the eyes in communication with the nasal passages. Their role is to warm and filter air and produce mucous to trap dust and other irritants we may inhale. Too much mucous production, swelling of the linings or blocking of the internal passage can lead to sinusitis.


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Recipe of the Month

Chinese Style - Chicken and Corn Sweet Soup


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