October – November

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is a painful condition caused by pressure on the median nerve running through a narrow space in the wrist (the carpal tunnel) into the hand. The nerve supplies the feeling sensation to the thumb, index and middle fingers, and aids thumb movement.


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Hair Raising Symptoms

Nearly all men and 10% of women will suffer some head-hair loss. The commonest form is male pattern hair loss, which can start as young as 20 and sees the hairline gradually recede from the front. The main risk factors are being male and a family history. There are other causes of hair loss (alopecia), including an under-active thyroid, trauma to hair follicles, some auto-immune conditions and side effects of some medications.


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When Periods Cease

Menopause literally means cessation of periods. It happens as the ovaries stop releasing eggs. In theory, this makes menopause the day of the last period. In reality, it is not so simple. Some women may experience issues related to menopause for months and even years. Symptoms vary from minor to severe. It can be natural with age or occur prematurely.


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Heat Rash v Urticaria

Heat rash or prickly heat is caused by sweat being trapped under the skin. It is more common in children than adults, with the neck, shoulder and chest the most affected areas. It can come on in hot weather or after sport. There is an itchy "lumpy" rash. While uncomfortable, it is not serious.


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Know Meningococcal

Meningococcal Disease is rare but potentially deadly bacterial infection that may progress extremely quickly.

Children receiving routine childhood vaccinations will have been given a vaccine at 12 months specifically for one strain of meningococcal disease.

However, this routine childhood vaccination doesn't protect against every type of meningococcal bacteria. Your child could still be at risk from other types of meningococcal disease.


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