June – July Newsletter


Gallstones are hard stones made of cholesterol, calcium and bile, which form in the Gallbladder. This is the pouch under the liver, which stores bile. In turn, bile is released into the intestine after meals to help absorb fats.


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As we age, our joints show wear and tear. The cartilage (lining) of the joints is affected most, but bones, ligaments and muscles can also be involved. This is known as degenerative or osteoarthritis. It affects almost everyone over 40. The severity varies. Knees, hips, hands and the spine are the most commonly affected joints. Risk factors include being overweight, positive family history and joint injuries.


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Acne is a skin infection. Under hormonal (mainly testosterone) influence, sebaceous glands in the skin produce excess oil, which can block the pores allowing bacteria to multiply. It is most common in the teenage years but can also affect adults. Males are more prone, and there are genetic tendencies too.


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There are numerous reasons why people may feel dizzy or pass out. A true faint (vaso-vagal episode) is a brief episode of unconsciousness caused by a drop in blood pressure. In turn, this can be due to a change in the blood vessels or the heart rate. When we faint, the blood vessels typically widen, causing the pressure inside them to drop.


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Headaches are one of the commonest symptoms experienced . Virtually everyone  will get a headache at some stage. Some get them often, and others rearely. Whilst there are serious causes, the vast majority are not. The most typical form of a headache is the "tension-type headache" felt as a band around the head. It can last from half an hour to an entire day. Stress can be a factor but not necessarily. Treatment is with simple analgesia. Ensue you drink adequate water.


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