June – July 2017

Wee Problem, Big Solutions

Being unable to control the bladder remains silent because most people don't talk about it. Yet it affects about 13% of Australians.

Severity ranges. Stress incontinence is when urine leaks in response to (for example) movement or any pressure in the pelvis. Urge incontinence is when you need to go to the toilet quickly or else!

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Be wary of Croup

Croup is a viral infection of the throat and windpipe (trachea) and typically affects children under fiver years though children up to eight years can contract it. The hallmark symptom is a harsh, dry, barky cough, mostly at night.

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For the Fainthearted

People may feel dizzy and pass out for many different reasons. Some matter, most don't.

A true faint (vaso-vagal episode) leads to brief unconsciousness because blood pressure drops, blood vessels dilate, or the heart rate slows. When blood pressure to the brain is not maintained we lose consciousness, usually for only a few seconds, go pale, and perhaps feel a bit unwell for a time afterwards. Some people will go through life never fainting whereas others are prone to it.

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