Covid Clinics

Covid vaccination is important for the health of our community in 2021 , but we want to reassure our patients that there is no rush to receive your vaccine. We are pleased to have already immunised  some of our most vulnerable patients, Doctors, allied health and staff, with no problems.

 We are now taking bookings now for those that qualify for Phase 1B.

The Doctors at Brook Medical Centre have confidence in the Government’s policy and vaccine distribution. We have expected some initial problems with supply locally.

Our Doctors want to reassure our community that we are currently safe with no community spread of Covid locally.

Here at Brook Medical Centre we will continue  to provide you with the most up to date information and advice.


Priority groups in Phase 1B include:


  • elderly adults aged 70 years and over
  • health care workers not vaccinated in Phase 1A
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults over 55
  • adults with a specified medical condition
  • adults with a severe disability who have a specified underlying medical condition
  • critical and high risk workers including Defence, Police, Fire, Emergency Services and Meat Processing.

Australia has a world class manufacturing facility right here at home, putting us in a very strong position to supply vaccines when and where they are needed. Our contract with CSL for 50 million doses means we do not need to rely on overseas supply to ensure all Australians who want a vaccine, can be vaccinated.


Australia has very successfully suppressed this highly infectious disease and it is really important that all Australians come forward and get the vaccine when it is their turn to do so.


There will be an eligibility declaration form to be completed on arrival.

If you are not eligible or cannot demonstrate your eligibility when you arrive for your vaccination, you may be asked to leave. It is important for everyone to have their vaccination done in the appropriate Vaccine Phase roll out so that the most at risk in our community are protected first.




Click here to check your eligibility

Please help your elderly family members, (or those without access to a computer) with the online eligibility checker.








If you are having the both the Flu and Covid Vaccination, please be advised that you must wait two weeks before or after your flu shot to have your Covid Vaccination. Please speak to our staff on the phone about any concerns you may have regarding this.

After your first Covid Vaccination you will be required to wait in the Surgery for 15 minutes for monitoring.

Your second Covid Vaccination will be booked in approximately three months after your first.

The completion of your Covid Vaccination will be recorded on your medical record and your My Health Record.

ATAGI Statement on Astra Zenica Vaccine

Please call 65431222 to book an appointment for your vaccine if you are eligible.