April – May 2020


We share this planet with a host of other livings things including viruses. Some are well known to us and do not cause much concern.

Surprisingly, the Corona family of viruses as a group fits into this category. They cause a cold type illness which whilst not pleasant is not serious either. The new Corona Virus (Covid 19) has generated a lot of publicity and it is correct to say that we are still learning about it. Although it remains a member of a family of viruses which typically have not caused major problems to most who contracted them.

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There are two types of diabetes and they broadly divide insulin requiring (Type 1)  and non-insulin requiring (Type 2). This is not absolute as some people who do not need insulin at the start, may go on to do so.


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Teenage Acne

Under hormonal influence (mainly testosterone) sebaceous glands in the skin produce excess oil. This can block the pores allowing bacteria to multiply leading to acne. Most common in teenage years, it also affects adults. Males are most prone as are those with naturally oily skin and there are genetic tendencies.

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Checking for Head Lice – Signs and Symptoms

Most parents have experienced the note or email from the school saying head lice has been found. But should we really be concerned?

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