Dr Mark Rikard-Bell

Dr Rikard-Bell is available for general consultations each weekday. Dr Rikard-Bell has special interests in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, skin clinics and anaesthetics. He has been with Brook Medical Centre since 1982.

Dr Mark Rikard-Bell, a Sydney University Graduate, is a busy procedural GP having qualifications in Obstetrics and Anaesthetics as well as a Diploma in Skin surgery.

He has been a Practice Principal at Brook Medical Centre for over 30 years enjoying comprehensive GP care from “cradle to the grave” .

His interest is particularly in providing obstetric care from before conception. He also is able to provide anaesthetics and emergency care as a VMO at Muswellbrook District hospital.

In 2009 he gained his diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine to expand his interests, and does regular skin cancer checks as well as a weekly list of skin cancer removals.

He is a Fellow of Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and mentors future procedural GPs as well as educating Registrars and Medical Students in our practice.

Keeping fit and active is an important part of ensuring health and he leads by example with regular cycling, jogging and walking.

He is married to Dr Del Mullins and they both enjoy relaxing with their 6 young adult daughters.


Dr Delma Mullins – Retired June 2022

Dr Mullins is available for general consultations on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Special interests include women’s health, paediatrics and travel medication including Yellow Fever. Dr Mullins has practiced here since 1983.

Dr Del Mullins graduated from Sydney University and has gained further postgraduate degrees, with Masters in Paediatric Medicine and Masters in Medical Humanities from Sydney University, as well as a Diploma in Child Heath.

She has been providing comprehensive General Practice care in Muswellbrook for the past 30 years.

Dr Mullins has a great interest in all aspects of rural practice, with skills and interests particularly in paediatrics and women’s health, and all immunisations. Del is also a VMO at Muswellbrook Hospital, providing emergency and inpatient care.

She is a Fellow of Royal Australian College of GPs as well as the College of Rural and Remote Medicine, and enjoys educating and mentoring many Registrars and Medical Students.

Preventative health involves keeping fit and active, which is what Dr Mullins enjoys herself and encourages all her patients to do.

She is married to Dr Mark Rikard-Bell and they have brought up and educated their 6 daughters in Muswellbrook.


Dr Peter Brown

Dr Brown is available for general consultations each weekday. Dr Brown has been with Brook Medical Centre since 1989. His specialist interests include anaesthetics and travel medication including Yellow Fever.

Dr Peter Brown graduated from The University of Sydney in 1983. After several years at RPAH, followed by anaesthetic and obstetric training in the United Kingdom, he moved to Muswellbrook in 1988. He is widely experienced in all aspects of general practice and interests ranging from paediatrics, Men’s health, Women’s health, immunisations, advice, travel, general medicine, minor surgery, antenatal care, pallative care, geriatrics and chronic disease management. He is a Visiting Medical Officer at Muswellbrook District Hospital and participates in the Emergency Roster.

After hours he enjoys spending time with his family.


Dr Philip Watson

Dr Watson is available for general consultations Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. His special interests include obstetrics, anaesthetics and minor procedures.

Dr Watson studied at The University of New South Wales, graduating from the six year combined medicine degree in 1996.

Originally from Armidale, where he spent his childhood, he retains a strong interest in and commitment to Rural Health.

As well as the standard training required of General Practitioners, Dr Watson has undertaken further training in the procedural areas of anaesthetics and obstetrics, also spending time in intensive care and retrieval medicine. These skills have been put to good use following his commencing practice in Muswellbrook in 2000/2001.

Currently working 3 days most weeks, he divides time between his young family and the medical practice, providing on call support to the local hospital for emergencies, plus anaesthetic and obstetric care.

Interests outside of work include fine dining and enjoying a good wine. He is a keen reader and music buff, and has too many guitars. Providing a happy and encouraging environment to his 4 children is his main lifetime ambition.


Dr Sanjay Verma

Dr Verma is available for consultation each week. Special interests include skin clinics, general surgical procedures, endoscopies, hernia repair, carpal tunnel, vasectomy, caesareans and appendectomy.

Dr Sanjay Verma graduated with a MBBS degree in 1990 and has more than 25 years of clinical and surgical experience both in Australia and overseas. As well as being highly accomplished in General Surgery, Dr Verma is a fully-qualified cosmetic surgeon and a Fellow of the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery (FACCS). With a passion and dedication to surgery, Dr Verma has acquired extensive experience through positions held at a variety of public and private hospitals in Australia and overseas, establishing his expertise in a broad range of surgical procedures both in aesthetic and general surgery. Dr Verma has published clinical research papers and presented at major cosmetic conferences to make sure he is always involved with the latest in medical research. His wealth of medical, surgical and cosmetic experience is conveyed to the patients in his meticulous planning of any surgical procedure, his calm, approachable and friendly patient manner, and his commitment to giving his patients a natural-looking aesthetic result.

Dr Verma offers a range of procedures, some of which are listed below:


Upper and Lower GI endoscopy , Hernia surgeries of all types, appendicectomies, Vasectomy, Hydrocoelectomy, testicular torsion,Pilonidal sinus excision, Haemorrhoidectomy,Lateral Sphincterotomy, Circumcision, skin flaps, skin grafts, Radical Nail excision, Lumps and bumps, bedside procedures i.e chest tubes, DPL, Suprapubic cystostomy, escharotomy etc.


Closed reduction of fractures, Carpal tunnel Release, Trigger fingers, Ganglion excision, Ray Amputations, Release of Dupyutren’s contracture. Decompressions of muscle compartments


High Ligation and stripping of Long and short saphenous veins and ambulatory phlebectomy.


Lower Segment Caesarian Section, Tubal Ligation


Wrinkle treatment, Labiaplasty, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Fillers, Lipectomy, Gynaecomastia (Man Boobs), Lip/Cheek/Chin enhancement, Liposuction, Fat Grafting, Implants, Skin Flaps, Wedge resection Lip, Breast Enhancement, Skin Grafts, Breast Reduction, Scar revisions, Breast Lift, Scar Camouflage, Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), Zplasty, Brow lift, Earlobe Reduction, Face Lift, Ear piercing, Arm Lift, Wedge resection, Thigh Lift, Browpexy, Prominent Ears and Inverted Nipple.



Dr Nitin Trasi

Dr Trasi is available for consultations five days per week. Dr Trasi has extensive experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. His special interests include women’s health, antenatal and postnatal care, sexual health, family planning, conception and infertility.


Dr Clifton Washaya

Dr Washaya is the practice surgeon and is available for surgical consultations two days per week. Referrals can be arranged through your General Practitioner.

Clifton is a board certified specialist General Surgeon with International Specialist Surgical Training in General Surgery covering:

  • Abdominal Surgery
  • Hernias
  • Venous Diseases/Disorders
  • Skin Oncology/ Skin Cancers
  • Melanoma Surgery
  • Breast Surgery
  • Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Trauma Surgery

Currently Clifton has VMO Specialist Appointments at the following hospitals:

  • Muswellbrook District Hospital
  • The Maitland Hospital
  • Scone District Hospital
  • Maitland Private Hospital

Current Clinical Associations for Clifton are:

  • Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Fellow, College of Surgeons South Africa
  • Fellow, College of Surgeons, East, Central and Southern Africa