Covid Booster

Covid vaccination boosters are now advised by ATAGI from 5 months onwards.

If it has been 5 months since you have had your second Vaccine please call 65431222 to book an appointment.





Newsletter – December 2021 – January 2022


Vertigo and dizziness affect up to 10% of people through their life. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis as treatment depends on diagnosis.


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The most common sexually transmitted infection (STI) in Australia is Chlamydia. The number of cases has increased over the last 20 years, and the highest prevalence is in the 15-25 age group. Both sexes are equally affected and it is very treatable.


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With summer weather and the increasing ability to get outside, now is the time to dust off that exercise regime. Depending on where you live, gyms and indoor sport facilities may also be open again.


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Childhood Play Accidents

We know that many children do not get enough exercise, and the summer holidays can be a time for getting away from the screens and playing outdoors. In doing so, we want children to play safely and avoid injury. Equally, in these days of caution, we need to also whilst recognise that a grazed knee is not a major drama.


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Social Media And Teenagers

Facebook has been in the news lately with a US senate into what it knows about the impact of instagram on the mental health of teenage girls.


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Merry Christmas

It’s that time again. This year has flown by! Christmas is here!

Christmas and New Year Hours 2021

Christmas and the summer holidays are a great time of fun with family and to enjoy the spirit of Christmas ,lots of delicious food and partaking in festive drinks, but we would like to remind you that moderation is great for us and helps us to enjoy a happy and healthy festive period.

Although restrictions have eased, we still need to be Covid 19 aware and follow social distancing rules.


 While you are in Brook Medical Centre this year, your children are encouraged to find our Elf on the Shelf.

Mr Elf is back this year and he has brought his wife Mrs Elf along to join in the fun.

Every night our Elves go on adventures around the surgery. If your children can spot our Elves while they are in the surgery, they will get a little surprise bag. Please help them join in the fun with our cheeky Elves.



3rd Covid Vaccination for Immunocompromised Patients

We have started taking bookings for a third Covid Vaccine for patients who are severely immunocompromised.

ATAGI advises generally a Pfizer vaccine is preferred and given at least 2 months after 2nd vaccination.

You may  be eligible if you have had a transplant, on chemotherapy or are prescribed one of the many  immunosuppressant drugs, e.g methotrexate.

Further information is on the  link below, or make an appointment to discuss with your Doctor if unsure.

More Information



Proof of Vaccination Required Upon Entry

As of 11th October Proof of double vaccination is required for entry to many businesses and for travel around regional NSW. These laws are enforced by NSW Police and we will be following these rules. Masks are still required to be worn inside businesses, please click here for the current Mask Rules

Brook Medical Centre will require proof of vaccination upon entry (at minimum 1st dose) or exemption letter from specialist required.

If you are not vaccinated you are still able to book in for a phone consultation in the first instance (if you are a regular patient). Un-vaccinated patients will have to wait outside for any face to face appointments.

Staff will be asking to view your Covid Certificate or proof of vaccination. We ask that you be respectful to our staff as we navigate through these changes.

If you would like to get your vaccination please call us on 65431222 to book in for an AstraZenica or Pfizer Vaccination.

How to Get Proof of My Covid Vaccination


If you can’t get proof online







Newsletter – October – November 2021

Covid Update

The Vaccination Program in Australia has been gathering pace each month since March


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Asthma In Children

It is estimated that as many as one in five children will be diagnosed with Asthma. It can range from very mild to severe.


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Sleep Apnoea

This occurs when the walls of the throat come together or collapse during sleep obstructing the upper airway. Breathing can stop for a period of time until the brain recognises a drop in oxygen and sends a "wake up call", causing you to wake slightly (or completely). In turn, the airway opens with a snort or gasp, after which the person goes back to sleep.


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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

This is a painful condition caused by pressure of the medium nerve running through a narrow space in the wrist (the carpel tunnel) into the hand. The nerve supplies the feeling sensation to the thumb index and the middle fingers and sometimes the thumb side of the ring finger. It also supplies some muscles which move the thumb.


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Enlarged Prostate

The prostate gland sits under the bladder in males. As men get older, it slowly enlarges. It is thought to double in size between age 21 and 50 and double again between 50 and 80.


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Recipe of the Month

Ricota and Lemon Pasta


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