We welcome Dr Leandra Griffiths

Dr Griffiths loves caring for people of all ages and backgrounds, being a doctor is her way of serving her community.

She has a special interest in women’s health, including pregnancy and post-partum care.

Dr Griffiths is also passionate about preventative medicine and encouraging patients to be their best selves.

In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with her family in nature, especially at the beach.

Dr Griffiths will be available for appointments four days a week.

Call Brook Medical on 65431222 to book an appointment or book via Hotdocs


Welcome Jake

Today we welcome Jake to our Team.

Jake spent some time with us last year for High School work experience.

Today, Jake starts his first official job in reception, his entry to working life. He is a whiz on the computer and now a valued member of our team.

Jake will be working with us every second  Thursday.

Welcome to Brook Medical Centre Jake.




We welcome Dr Ashish Paul

We are happy to welcome Dr Ashish Kumar Paul to Brook Medical Centre.

Dr Ashish Paul completed his MBBS degree in 2013. Subsequently, he undertook the Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams, completing them by 2020 to commence medical practice in Australia. Throughout his career, he has gained invaluable experience working in six different major metropolitan hospitals across the country, allowing him to develop a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of various medical practices.

Dr Ashish Paul has a particular interest in minor surgery and handling related emergency cases, where he is committed to providing the highest standard of care to his patients.

Playing cricket, Gardening, fishing and spending time with his family –  he enjoys most.

Dr Ashish Paul will be available for appointments four days a week.

Call Brook Medical on 65431222 to book an appointment or book via HotDocs





Dr Ismat Emu

We are happy to welcome back Dr Ismat.

Dr Ismat has been working as GP register for last 2 years in Hunter region and was working here at Brook Medical in 2022.

Before that she had worked 4 years in multiple hospitals, where she has worked in emergency department, geriatric medicine, mental health,  paediatric, hematology & general medicine.

Dr Ismat’s areas of interest in medicine are women’s health, mental health,  children’s health and managing chronic diseases.

When she is not working, she loves to spend time with her children.

She will be working Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, phone 65431222 or book online via Hotdocs.


Australia Day

We will be closed Friday 25th of January for the Australia Day Public Holiday


We will re open Monday 29th January at 8:30am for appointments and enquiries.






Heart Health Awareness

This January and February we are wearing RED for Heart Health Awareness.


It’s never too early to start thinking about your risk factors for heart disease or discussing your family’s history with your GP.

While there are some risks you can’t change – like age, sex, family history of heart disease – there are other risks you can take steps towards reducing.

Take this online quiz to check on your Heart Health.

Colour in your own healthy heart


Dr Rikard-Bell’s Retirement

Today marked the end of an era with the retirement of Dr Mark Rikard-Bell.
For 42 years he has been a stalwart in our community.
Rural medicine was his passion and we were the beneficiaries of his dedication and skill.
Today we held a morning tea for Dr Rikard-Bell with past and present staff, all sharing stories of the Dr Rikard-Bell we know and love.
Thank you for giving so much to so many.
Happy retirement – we will miss you.

Welcome Dr Hossain (Zubair)

Dr Zubair is available for appointments 3 days per week.

Dr Zubair completed medical graduation in Bangladesh. His pursuit of excellence led him to the UK, where he obtained a diploma in Tropical Medicine from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.


Dr Zubair’s journey then took him to Japan, where he spent six years (1989-1995) undergoing surgical training at the Nihon University School of Medicine, Tokyo.  During this period, he also completed my PhD, which paved the way for his future endeavors.


After completing my postgraduate studies, Dr Zubair was offered a position in Vascular Surgery at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Later, he was awarded a fellowship in Cardiovascular Surgery at the renowned Texas Heart Institute in Houston, USA, where he spent two years honing his skills.


Upon returning to Australia, Dr Zubair worked in various esteemed hospitals, including Royal Melbourne Hospital, Repatriation Hospital and Flinders Hospital in Adelaide, John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, and St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.


Since 2009, Dr Zubair have been dedicated to General Practice, with a special interest in Skin Cancer Surgery. Dr Zubairs extensive experience, combined with his passion for delivering compassionate care, enables him to provide comprehensive and personalized attention to his patients.


Dr Zubair is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest medical advancements, ensuring that his patients receive the best possible care. He is excited to be a part of this healthcare community and looks forward to serving you.


Newsletter – December 2023 – January 2024

Hearing Loss in Adults

As we get older, our senses are less acute. It is estimated that over half of Australians aged between 60 and 70 have some hearing loss, increasing to 80% in those aged over 80. Severity, of course, varies. Hearing loss can be sensorineural (affecting the cochlear and/ or nerve, conductive (blockage in the middle ear), or mixed. Generally, aged related loss is sensorineural. Additional risk factors include noise exposure, genetics, ear trauma and chemical exposure.


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Child and Adolescent Obesity

We tend to think that only America has issues with weight. The reality is that 1 in 4 Australian children are overweight or obese. This is a significant increase in one generation. Why? Firstly, Children tend to snack on high calorie foods and drinks, and second, is replacing physical activity with time on screens. We can't turn back time, but it not all bad news. There is much you can do as a parent or guardian to help a child get and maintain a healthy weight.


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Deep Vein Thrombosis

A Thrombus is a blood clot. The ability of the body to form clots is critical as this stops bleeding when we cut ourselves. However, a blood clot forming in a blood vessel can cause serious problems.


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Eczema – Prevention and Treatment

Eczema is a red, itchy rash often starting in infancy or early childhood. The most typical places are the face, neck and "flexures" which are the skin creases at the knees and elbows. It can be a few scattered areas or may be widespread. It ranges from the mild to severe and may weep or be crusty.


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Stingers in the water

While shark attacks often make headlines, other creatures in the water can cause problems when swimming. These are many and varied and influenced by season and where on the coastline you are. Most jellyfish stings are not serious but can be itchy or painful.

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Healthy Smoothies for Kids

Healthy Berry Smoothy and Healthy Green Smoothy


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