Merry Christmas

It’s that time again. This year has flown by! Christmas is here!

Christmas and the summer holidays are a great time of fun with family and enjoy the spirit of Christmas ,lots of delicious food and partaking in festive drinks, but we would like to remind you that moderation is great for us and helps us to enjoy a happy and healthy festive period.

This year we have our Red Cross Christmas display up in our first waiting room. Our Practice Manager Kristen has a wonderful time decorating this beautiful display. Please make a donation to this worthy cause to the Red Cross in the donation box within the display to help out our disadvantaged and homeless at this time of year.


christmas 2018


While you are in Brook Medical Centre this year, your children are encouraged to find our Elf on the Shelf.

Every night our Elf on the Shelf goes on adventures around the surgery. We have even found him sipping some wine in our Christmas display. If your children can spot our Elf on the Shelf while they are in the surgery they will get a little surprise bag. Please help them join in the fun with our cheeky Elf.

elf on the shelf